Automation In Ball Valve

Automation In Ball Valve

Automation of Ball Valves is done by using pneumatic or electrical actuators. The actuators are mounted using special brackets and are used to remotely operate the valves. It is important to choose the right kind of actuator, depending on operating conditions of the valve.

The ball valves can also be mounted with limit switches to know the position of the valves either visually and/ or by output signals. Limit switches can be provided for three-way ball valves and these limit switches can indicate either left side diversion or right side diversion positions. Solenoid Valves and Air filter regulators can be provided on the valves, as a package.

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Features that Add value

Valves can be supplied with Pneumatic (Rack and Pinion type, Vane type)/ Electric actuators, Solenoid valves, Limit Switches -- Contact Type and Proximity type. Valves come duly mounted and tested for plug and play ease.

Advantages: Perfect mounting of accessories on in-house manufactured brackets with precise axis couplings for long life of valve and actuator.