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Cavity Filler Or Pocketless Ball Valves

Cavity Filler Or Pocketless Ball Valves

Cavity Filler Or Pocketless Ball Valves

Cavity Filler Ball Valves

Many industries encounter problem of residues in the ball valve. These residues contaminate the media and hinder the operation of the ball valve. In cases where the fluid is meant for human consumption, it becomes all the more dangerous as it may contaminate and make the fluid toxic. In cases where the media changes from time to time, such as color of paints, the residual paint contaminates and changes the color. 

It is therefore necessary to eliminate the deposition of this residue material. The reason why this residue deposits itself in the ball valve is because of the design of the valve. During the half open position of the ball valve, a gap is created between the ball bore and the body. The fluid can easily creep into this gap and get itself deposited in this cavity of the body. To avoid the fluid getting into this cavity, the cavity has to be plugged. This can be done by extending the seats in such a manner that it is always in contact with the ball, thus avoiding the gap. This type of ball valve is known as Cavity Filler Ball Valve. 


Click on the link below to read about the concept behind Cavity Filler Ball Valve

Cavity Filler Ball Valve Concept:

Following configurations can be given in Cavity Filler Ball Valve -

MOC    -    WCB/CF8/CF8M
SIZE    -    0.5" to 8"