Case Study: 6 Way Ball Valve

3 Way L Port or T Port ball valves are used in flow diversion applications. These valves are used extensively in duplex filters and duplex heat exchangers. Here, the valves perform the function of diverting the fluid from one filter or heat exchanger shell to another. Throughout the movement of the ball, when operated, the flow is not interrupted or brought to a halt. This helps to control pressure surge and makes the 3 Way ball valves ideally suited for the application. Two 3 Way ball valves are connected by a common lever in such a way that both valves operate together when a common handle or gear is operated. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to maintain the collinearity of the two stem axes due to the distance between the valves. In such cases, Kavaata valves provide common levers with flexible couplings to avoid side loading of stems and consequent leakage.

Sometimes, in compact duplex filters, there is a specific need to bring the valve centers closer. This is not possible to achieve with two 3 way ball valves as described above, as it is imperative to have a minimum distance between two valves when they are connected, to accommodate the two stems and the common lever. Here,
Kavaata 6 way ball valves are the only option available. The concept of 6 Way ball valves involves using two tandem 3 Way ball valves. Instead of connecting the two stems of the 3 way ball valves, here the stem and ball of the valve on top drive the stem and ball of the valve below.

In-line inlet and outlet 6 Way valves

A 6 way ball valve is shown in the picture. 6 Way ball valves manufacturing involves very high degree of machining and assembling accuracy. Any misalignment can lead to leakage and increased operating torque. Kavaata valves have made a name for themselves by providing bespoke solutions in 6 Way ball valves to customers. Another variation in the design of 6 Way valves is the In-line inlet and outlet 6 Way valves. The picture alongside shows one such arrangement. Here, the inlet and outlet of the filter are in-line or collinear.

It can be seen clearly that the 6 Way ball valves are very compact and can be used in applications where space constraints exist. One 6 Way ball valve can effectively replace 4 two way butterfly or 4 two way ball valves. In addition, the simultaneous operation eliminates human errors which can creep in while operating 4 valves independently. The variety of 6 Way ball valves, the size options available with Kavaata Valves and the customization is endless and limited only by imagination.


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